Our products and services

There are a number of products and services we can provide to assist in your online needs, including building complete websites and data handling interfaces, implementation assistance, graphical design, and consultancy regarding webrelated issues. Below a few specific products are highlighted.

Fenids Research Group package

Specifically for academic research groups FENiDS webdesign has developed the Fenids Research Group package. Each website based on this package will have a different, individualized design, but since research group websites generally contain similar types of information, they can be standardized "under the hood". This allows us to offer a personalized website for a much reduced price.

Apart from an individual design, tailored to the customers taste, the Fenids Research Group package offers an easy-to-use interface to manage the content of pages that need frequent updating (e.g., news items, group members, publications).

Prices for a complete research group website start from € 500.

Custom-built websites

We also develop small to medium-sized websites from scratch, allowing full flexibility and tailoring of the site to the customers wishes. Websites can range from simply providing information (text, images, movies, etc.) to interactive systems with data management interfaces or personalized user login capabilities.