About Fenids webdesign

FENiDS webdesign specializes in designing and building small to medium-sized websites, with primarily experience working in the academic market. Using up-to-date web and database technologies our web solutions can have integrated database and data management capabilities.
Please see our portfolio for examples of websites that we have created.

Design philosophy

At FENiDS webdesign we believe that content should be central on any website. We therefore strive to provide professional and attractive designs, while always putting the presentation of your content at the forefront. Special attention is given to aspects like navigability and clarity of a website design, ensuring a straightforward and pleasant user experience. At the same time we aim to make the maintenance of the site and/or the management of the data collected on the site as easy as possible.
Of course, every custom-built website design is tailored to the specific wishes and goals of the customer. We value your input and feedback on our work during every stage of the design and implementation process!


For enquiries about our services or other contact requests please contact us at: fenids@jdejong.net